E14 Forum of Cities and Juries

E14 FCJ Contacts


For information on the Forum program and Registrations, please contact Europan Europe:

 Europan Europe contact@europan-europe.eu


For information on the national delegation, please contact the secretariat of the country:

Europan Belgique secretariat@europan.be Europan Deutschland mail@europan.de Europan España europan.esp@cscae.com Europan France contact@europanfrance.org Europan Hrvatska info@europan.hr Europan Italia info@europan-italia.com Europan Nederland info@europan.nl Europan Norge post@europan.no Europan Österreich office@europan.at Europan Polska europan@europan.com.pl Europan Suisse europan@bluewin.ch Europan Suomi-Finland europan@europan.fi Europan Sverige info@europan.se

Organized by Europan Europe and Europan Suomi-Finland and with the participation of the other national secretariats
In partnership with the City of Helsinki

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