The Entry section allows you to submit your project on the site you registered for. Your entry can be modified until the closing date for submission, i.e. September 17th 2021 at 23:59 (GMT+1).

Before submitting your entry, please make sure your documents correspond to the standards required in the rules.

Submission is open from the start of the competition and you can already upload the ID documents (ID, degress and Authors- and Partnership Declaration). We strongly advise you to upload these documents before the submission deadline so that you do not lose time with them on the submission night.

A temporary listing of the submitted project will be published on the European website on September 18th 2021. Please make sure this list includes your project. If not, please contact us by email only before September 21st (12:00, UTC+2): contact@europan-europe.eu
No disagreement will be considered without a screenshot of the page to check the reception of the project; date and time should appear clearly on this screenshot.

The definitive listing will be published on September 23rd 2021. No further change will be allowed after this date.


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