E17 Portrait - FORGET-ME-NOT A third life to the Alte Fähre

Lochau (AT) - Mentionné

FORGET-ME-NOT A third life to the Alte Fähre

Associés: Carmen Torres Gonzáles (ES), Pau Sarquella Fabregas (ES) – architectes
Collaborateurs: Alicia Marco Zuriaga (ES), Jerome Lorente Martí (ES), Joana Plana Ortiz (ES) – architectes

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"The proposal, willingly pushes the limits of the current regulations, aiming to open the debate of the current and future uses of the public land in Lochau. We advocate for inclusive discussions involving various stakeholders in urban interventions. Our belief is that Lochau’s harbor holds untapped potential to transform into a hub of communal activity, beyond its sailing and bathing current functions. Therefore, we suggest providing the city with a platform and an opportunity to engage in conversations its contemporary values and collectively determine what they want the Alte Fähre to become."