Portraits/Interviews Équipes primées E13


Espoo (FI) – Mentionné

Représentante d'équipe : Maria Kleimola (FI) – architecte
Collaboratrices : Hannele Cederström (FI), Inka Norros (FI), Kirsti Paloheimo (FI), Sini Rahikainen (FI) – étudiants en architecture

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H. Cederström, I. Norros, K. Paloheimo, S. Rahikainen, M. Kleimola

"The plan creates a strong yet extremely adaptable framework to connect individual patterns of life into a whole. Axial composition with buildings surrounding courtyards and squares create a connection to the architectural identity of Otaniemi. Unique natural conditions are an integral part of the plan. Series of flowing spaces create soft transitions from nature to urban, from campus to dwelling and from exterior to interior."


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