E13 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Living with(in) nature

Landsberg (DE) - Winner

Team representative: Paolo Russo (IT) – architect; Associates: Antonio Cugusi (IT), Annamaria Gaito (IT), Fabiana Ledda (IT) – architects
Contributor: Riccardo Onnis (IT) – student in architecture

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F. Ledda, P. Russo, R. Onnis & A. Gaito

"The aim of the project was to define a structure which could allow the creation of a relation at the different scales with the settlement and the environmental system. Adaptability was conceived as the possibility for the existing settlements and the new buildings to harmonize and integrate with the surroundings. Moreover, one of the main points of the design process is the capability to be implemented in different steps. The guideline for the creation of the new district inside the nature was the living concept in which the buildings share green spaces, streets and public spaces."


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