E13 Sites - Schwäbisch Gmünd (DE)

Schwäbisch Gmünd (DE), E13

Site Location Hardt quarter
Category Urban - landscape - architectural
Site Family How to use new inputs to change urban space?

Commision after competition Integrated urban planning development concept, implementation modules for sites A – D and the ideas part

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How can the site contribute to the adaptable city?

For a long time now, the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd has been committed to upgrading the former Hardt site (casern conversion) and has developed a masterplan for buildings and open spaces that provides for redeveloping the site in parts. The teacher training college in the South-East and the vocational school centre in the North-East have been integrated into the Europan competition in order to explore synergies and ideas for a new urban model of the information society in the 21st century. The plan is to expand the existing buildings of the school to create social and cultural variety in the neighbourhood. The result should be a lively city neighbourhood with multiple functions and its own atmosphere; with public spaces that promote communication and understanding and give residents orientation and security.


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