E12 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Ciney (BE) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Marie Gil (FR) – architect; Associates: Dorothée Broche (FR) – architect; Matthieu Preuvot (FR) – urbanist topographer

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M. Preuvot, D. Broche and M. Gil

"The success of the project relies in the issue of the uncertainty of the future, the evolution of our lifestyle and our immediate needs. What could we conceive? For whom and how? Without a formal proposal, our concept proposes a mechanism of a step-by-step urbanization. This strategy announces the constitution – for about fifty years – of an urban fabric with a multi-functional program. The project is to be autonomous and without a predefined hierarchy. Each typology reacts individually on request without losing its global coherence from an urban, architectural and landscape point of view, and in order to ensure the development of the land point of view […]"


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