E12 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Ola K Asker

Asker (NO) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Jose Maria Martín Ravelo (ES) – architect;  Associate: Alba García González (ES), Paloma Lara Rodrigo (ES), Laura Martín Guillén (ES), Patxi Martín Domínguez (ES), Clara Rodríguez Lorenzo (ES), Natalia Vera Vigaray (ES) – architects

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N. Vera Vigaray, L. Martín Guillén, P. Martín Domínguez, C. Rodríguez Lorenzo, J. M. Martín Ravelo, A. García González and P. Lara Rodrigo

"We think Dikemark should have a slow growth that lays the foundations for a new local society. We based our project on the introduction of a new program that activates the village, a new Dikemark age; A wood design school that attracts people to live there and will take part in the development of the future settlements."


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