E13 Sites - Molfetta (IT)

Molfetta (IT), E13

Site Location Molfetta, Italia
Category Urban - architectural
Site Family How to integrate vacant sites into urban development?

Commision after competition In addition to the public presentation of the projects, the Municipality should consider to start a process, also involving prize-winning teams, through workshops, urban studies etc., aimed at the development of detailed planning

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How can the site contribute to the adaptable city? 

The city is in a phase of reorganization involving urban and socio-economic aspects. The activities that were supporting the local economy, especially those referred to the sea activities, are now downsized. These changes have urged the Municipality on deciding to qualify one of the most important resources of the city that must adapt to new uses and become an element attracting the inhabitants and the whole territory: the urban waterfront. In this moment of revitalisation, the city overlooking the sea has to take it back and "live in it". The waterfront reorganisation will represent the starting point to enhance the existing building estate and will have to be able to activate a process of transformation representing a chance of development and growth for the entire city.


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