E13 Sites - Stavanger (NO)

Stavanger (NO), E13

Site Location Forus, Stavanger, Norway
Category Urban - architectural
Site Family How to use new inputs to change urban space?

Commision after competition Planning and building comission

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How can the site contribute to the adaptable city? 

In the heart of the Norwegian petroleum industry, and at the intersection between the municipalities of Stavanger, Sola and Sandnes, lies Forus; Norway’s oil and gas capital and one of the strongest energy clusters in the world. Home to over 3000 companies, mostly from the global energy sector, Forus is the most international place in Norway. Fuelled by the postmillennial expansions of the fossil fuel industry, Forus has been subject to immense growth and is now representing 1/5 of the total Norwegian gross domestic product. This growth, however, has been based on an industry that is facing highly uncertain prospects. The region must therefore prepare for a less oil and gas dependent future and use its knowledge and knowhow as its main commodity.


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