E12 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Manual Towards a Clumsy City

Budapest (HU) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Romain Granoux (FR) – architect; Associate: Margaux Minier (FR) – architectural historian
Contributor: François Justet (FR) – architect

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M. Minier, F. Justet and R. Granoux

"[…] The ephemeral and the vulnerable define the foundation of our problem and the durability of planning. The stake is to face the unforeseen, to empower the inhabitants and the urban space at the same time. Yet, to insure an autonomous production of the city, we wanted to split up the elements of the project and generate vulnerability: spatial fragmentation and temporal fragmentation. The fragmentation then establishes the premise of a project of urban acupuncture, which also accepts the clumsiness of the proposal."


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