Implementation Processes

E12 Schiedam (NL) – "A New Start With Old Genes" / "Complete Schiedam"

Different implementations processes were discussed during the E12-13 Inter-Sessions Forum in Pavia (IT).
"A New Start With Old Genes" and "Complete Schiedam" were joint runners-up in Schiedam (NL)

"A New Start With Old Genes", runner-up: Maarten Thewissen (NL), Joost van Rooijen (NL), Redmer Weijer (NL) – architects
"Complete Schiedam", runner-up: Milena Zaklanovic (NL), Matteo Bettoni (IT) – architects; Michiel Van Driessche (NL) – landscape architect; Bart Pouw (NL) – urban designer

See here the team participation to the debate at the Inter-Sessions Forum in Pavia

Patrick van’t Loo, Program Manager (NL): "[…] The Koemark location is an entrance to the historical city that needs to be redesigned and we also need to think of a new program for the VROM terrain. We got 48 submissions and two runner-ups […] but both teams were very adaptable and presented one plan and strategy together, a very good idea and a basic framework, a new starting point. We decided to first design an adaptable masterplan with both teams, […] build a framework, relations with the city, a concept planning of phasing, business case, how to do with sustainability and again the communication with the stakeholders."


Petar Zaklanovic, “A New Start With Old Genes”: "[…] Schiedam suffers from a sort of invisibility between an economically important harbour and the relevant and famous place of Delft. With the other team we share the same vision about for instance the necessity to use the river Schie as a spine and to put our development as a kind of larger regeneration project. Because both plans were so similar, we made only one team sharing our common believes, and came up with a schedule with prescriptions that reassign to certain critical spaces in the plan. Actually it was presented and approved by the City Council […]”


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