E12 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Urban Software

Wien-Siemensäcker (AT) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Enrique Arenas (ES) – architect; Associates: Luis Basabe (ES), Luis Palacios (ES) – architect
Contributors: Almudena Cano (ES) – architect; Paula Fernández (ES), Kerstin Pluch (AT), Ana Prieto (ES) – students in architecture

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L. Palacios, P. Fernández, K. Pluch, A. Cano, A. Prieto, L. Basabe and E. Arenas

"The main topic we have developed in our proposal is the democratization of the city construction processes. Very close to Europan’s motto, we understand that urban adaptability has to find its basis in the participation of as many actors involved as possible, from government to individuals."


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