E12 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Ciney (BE) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Mattia Valenti (IT) – architect; Associates: Enrico Busato (IT), Paolo De Nardi (IT), Benedetta Malaisi Costa (IT), Benghi Niccolò (IT), Sara Pezzutti (IT) – architects
Contributor: Giulia Rigoni (IT) – architect

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B. Niccolò , E. Busato, P. De Nardi, B. Malaisi Costa, S. Pezzutti, G. Rigoni and M. Valenti

"[…] We have developed the theme of "adaptability and urban rhythms" from a problem inherent to the design area: the floods of the Leignon River. The presence of the river was considered as a resource to emphasize: the Leignon River produce a flexible natural space that is able to accommodate the flood of the river. At the same time this natural space is able to draw a resilient and changeable landscape that ensures the continuity of housing and social functions. The open spaces between buildings are partly paved and partly covered with grass: they are shared spaces, which can be playgrounds, but can also accommodate parking spaces and various kinds of free activities. The alternation between paved areas and green slopes offers a spatial rhythm in which residential buildings are placed […]"


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