E13 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Les grandes manœuvres

Bordeaux (FR) – Runner-up

Team Representative: François Dantart (FR) – architect; Associates: Delphine Courroye (FR), Eva Januel (FR), Aurélien Le Roux (FR), Marcel Malhère (CV), Silvia Pianese (IT) – architects; Romain Marten (FR) – engineer-architect

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F. Dantart, E. Januel, R. Marten, S. Pianese, M. Malhère, D. Courroye & A. Le Roux

"The project starts modestly, involving local actors to face local issues. Then it slowly gains momentum to provide public amenities and services on a metropolitan scale by working in partnership with private investors. We propose a flexible programming strategy which is tailored to the capabilities of each building. The “Grandes Manoeuvres” organisation coordinates all stakeholders within a participatory framework and spearheads each stage of the process, from funding to implementation."


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