E13 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

La déprise

Marne-la-Vallée (FR) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Claire Girardeau (FR) – architect; Associates: Jonathan Cacchia (FR), Cécile Frappat (FR), Louis Méjean (FR) – architects
Contributors: Pierre-Yves Blévin (FR) – SSE manager; Mélanie Carratu (FR) – translator; Adrien Piu (FR) – video maker

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C. Girardeau, J. Cacchia, L. Méjean & C. Frappat

"Instead of pursuing a pressuring, entrapping logic, we explore this backing up strategy to generate new urban projects. Its starting point is emancipation, which would give room to the city to pull itself together and stop being smothered. This backward movement can create a fertile vacant field –or space– in which a back and forth movement can take place again and engender flexibility. Unpredictability can happen again: such a new territory needs progressive waves for its constitution."


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