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One program is very often excluded from urban projects – the productive economy, which left the city to settle in the periphery. Many European cities now present a spatial and social mismatch between living and working conditions. Production should be fostered withing the city, form an integral part of the urban fabric, be allowed to be seen and be connected to a shared daily life.
"Productive Cities" is therefore presented as the topic of the 14th session of the Europan competition, to be launched next 13 February 2017 in about 15 countries. Approximately 50 sites will be proposed; they have been classified in 4 thematic families to help develop the projects.

From City to Productive City

How to Create Vibrant Productive Districts with Craftmen, Makers & Local Production?

Every city would like to be diversified. Yet standard approaches to create “vibrant communities” summon an imagery of housing, offices, cafés and restaurants. But, is that enough? Shouldn’t we also instil liveliness in an existing neighbourhood by fostering productive activities? Could this option also be viable in the case of bedroom communities? What does production mean for creative- and knowledge-based industries? What economic balance is necessary to retain productive activities as the area improves and prices rise?

With sites in the following cities Alcoy (ES), Amsterdam (NL), Barcelona (ES), Besançon (FR), Cuneo (IT), Karlskrona (SE), La Bazana (ES), Narvik (NO), Neu-Ulm (DE), Oulu (FI), Palma (ES), Zwickau (DE)…

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