Europan Organisation Structure


manages the Decisions' Bodies

4 representatives of each full member country
makes the main decisions on association, budget and competition

1 representative of each full member country
manages the program and budget


prepares the association work

- GA/C/SC/TC meetings
- European events
European publications
European communication
European website

prepare the competition and forums
follow the implementations 


analyses the contents of the sites and results
animates the debates
advises the Decisions' Bodies on the competition


prepares the forums

Members of the association

Europan Europe

Manages the association and coordinates GA / C / SC / TC meetings, European events, European publications, European communication and the European website

  • Anna Catasta

    Anna Catasta
    director CdIE, president

  • Didier Rebois

    Didier Rebois
    architect, teacher, secretary general

  • Françoise Bonnat

    Françoise Bonnat
    publications, association, archives, human ressources

  • Frederic Bourgeois

    Frederic Bourgeois
    website, communication, events, rules, sites

National Structures

Members of the association Europan, they manage the competition in their country and follow the implementation processes. They contribute to the European program.

Europan Belgique

  • Pierre Sauveur

    Pierre Sauveur
    architect, president

  • Anne Dalla Toffola

    Anne Dalla Toffola
    architect, secretary

Europan Deutschland

  • Karin Sandeck

    Karin Sandeck
    architect, president

  • Ulrike Poeverlein

    Ulrike Poeverlein
    architect, secretary

  • Sven Kröger

    Sven Kröger
    architect, assistant

Europan España

  • Camay Imbernon

    Camay Imbernon
    architect, secretary

  • Begoña Fernández-Shaw

    Begoña Fernández-Shaw
    architect, deputy secretary, implementations

Europan France

  • Alain Maugard

    Alain Maugard
    engineer polytechnique, president

  • Isabelle Moulin

    Isabelle Moulin
    architect, urban planner, secretary

  • Oriane Couturier

    Oriane Couturier

  • Louis Vitalis

    Louis Vitalis

Europan Hrvatska

  • Helena Knific-Schaps

    Helena Knific-Schaps
    architect, president

  • Iva Bedenko

    Iva Bedenko
    architect, secretary

Europan Italia

  • Livio Sacchi

    Livio Sacchi
    architect, president

  • Marilia Vesco

    Marilia Vesco
    architect, secretary

Europan Kosovo

  • Ilir Gjinolli

    Ilir Gjinolli
    architect, president

  • Rron Tresi

    Rron Tresi
    Architect, secretary

Europan Nederland

  • Bas Lagendijk

    Bas Lagendijk

Europan Norge

  • Knut Eirik Dahl

    Knut Eirik Dahl
    architect, president

  • Marianne Skjulhaug

    Marianne Skjulhaug
    architect, vice president of the board

  • Øysten Rø

    Øysten Rø
    architect, secretary

  • Espen Røyseland

    Espen Røyseland
    architect, secretary

  • Fredrikke Frølich

    Fredrikke Frølich
    secretary assistant

  • Margrete Bjone Engelien

    Margrete Bjone Engelien
    secretary assistant

Europan Österreich

  • Klaus Kada

    Klaus Kada
    architect, president

  • Bernd Vlay

    Bernd Vlay
    architect, secretary

  • Pia Spiesberger

    Pia Spiesberger
    architect, secretary assistant

Europan Polska

  • Tomasz Zemla

    Tomasz Zemla
    architect, president

  • Hubert Wójcicki

    Hubert Wójcicki

Europan Portugal

  • Nuno Portas

    Nuno Portas
    architect, president

  • Pedro Brandão

    Pedro Brandão
    architect, secretary

  • Teresa Branco

    Teresa Branco
    architect, deputy secretary

Europan Suisse

  • Rodolphe Luscher

    Rodolphe Luscher
    architect, president

  • Michel Ruffieux

    Michel Ruffieux
    urban planner, secretary

Europan Suomi - Finland

  • Karin Krokfors

    Karin Krokfors
    architect, president

  • Mari Koskinen

    Mari Koskinen
    architect, secretary

  • Olivia Mahlio

    Olivia Mahlio

Europan Sverige

  • Anders Johansson

    Anders Johansson
    architect, president

  • Mikael Frej

    Mikael Frej
    architect, secretary

Scientific Committee

  • Pascal AmphouxPascal Amphoux

    Pascal Amphoux
    Contrepoint, Projets urbains, Lausanne (CH), professor ENSAN (FR), researcher CRESSON Grenoble (FR)

    Pascal Amphoux is the founder and director of Contrepoint, Projets urbains in Lausanne (CH), a consulting office for architectural, urban and/or artistic projects. Professor at School of Architecture of Nantes he is also the author of numerous publications focusing on the specific relations between the project practice, landscape aesthetics and social science methods.

  • Carlos ArroyoCarlos Arroyo

    Carlos Arroyo
    architect, urban planner, teacher - Madrid (ES)

    Carlos Arroyo is the founder and director of Carlos Arroyo Architects, a Madrid (ES) based firm with works in Spain, Belgium, France and Argentina, exploring a varied range of fields with a special emphasis on sustainable development and research into new forms of housing. He has been a guest professor and lecturer at many universities and institutes all over the world. He currently teaches at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (ES).

  • Kristiaan BorretKristiaan Borret

    Kristiaan Borret
    architect, Bouwmeester of Antwerp, professor Ghent University - Antwerp (BE)

    Krisitaan Borret is the current "Bouwmeester" of Antwerp (BE). He graduated in architecture at the Catholic University of Leuven (BE) in 1990 and holds a Master's Degree in Urbanism at UPC, Barcelona (ES). He is regularly alternating between academic research and urban planning practice. He currently teaches Urban Design at the Ghent University (Belgium) and participated in GUST, an interdisciplinary research project on contemporary transformations of the city and the urban public spaces.

  • Aglaée DegrosAglaée Degros

    Aglaée Degros
    architect, Artgineering, teacher - Rotterdam (NL)

    Aglaée Degros is the co-founder of Artgineering, an office for urbanism based in Rotterdam (NL). Starting with precise observation of the existing territorial realities the office is at the meeting point of the spatial, social and cultural production of space. Aglaée Degros is also teaching in various academies and universities in the Netherlands and Austria.

  • Ines NizicInes Nizic

    Ines Nizic
    architect,, teacher TU Wien - Wien (AT)

    Ines Nizic graduated from the Technical University of Zagreb (HR). She holds the PhD in architecture at the TU Vienna. Together with her partner Saša Bradic she founded in 1997 in Vienna (AT) and Zagreb and has been teaching at the TU Wien since 1998. She is the double winner of Europan 7 and author of the collection of exhibition catalogues "Zwischenräume" (2003) and "Übergänge" (2005).

  • Socrates StratisSocrates Stratis

    Socrates Stratis
    Dr. in architecture, urbanist, AA & U, Tenure Track Professor, Dpt. of Architecture, Univ. of Cyprus

    Socrates Stratis is an architect, urbanist with a Doctorate Degree in Urbanism from the University of Paris Saint-Denis, Paris, France (2005). He is Tenure Track Professor at the Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus. He is one of the founding members of AA & U for Architecture, Art and Urbanism, an agency for interdisciplinary activities regarding the public domain. His research work lies across disciplines such as architecture, art and urbanism, with focus on the notion of project as a hybrid form of spatial practice between research and action. His work has been published in international journals and exhibited in international exhibitions, such as the Venice Biennale of Architecture (2004, 2006, 2008). He was part of a Europan 4 winning team, implementing a project in Heraklion, in Crete (GR).

  • Chris YounèsChris Younès

    Chris Younès
    philosopher, professor ESA / ENSAPLV - Paris (FR)

    Chris Younès is an anthropologist, philosopher and doctor in Philosophy and teaches at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette and at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture Paris (FR). She focuses on the interface between architecture and philosophy on the question of inhabited spaces at the meeting point between ethics and aesthetics. She is responsible of the research laboratory Gerphau (philosophy, architecture, urban), UMR LAVUE (architecture ville environnement) and the international network Philosophy, Architecture, Urban. Chris Younès studies in particular the links between city and nature in the context of a new ecologic paradigm and the sustainable development.

Technical Committee

  • Stéphane BonzaniStéphane Bonzani

    Stéphane Bonzani
    architect, doctor, teacher ESA / ENSAPLV - Paris (FR)

    Stéphane Bonzani holds a professional degree in Architecture and a PhD in philosophy. He teaches the architecture project at the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Clermont-Ferrand and at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris (FR). In addition to professional practice, he conducts research at the Gerphau (Philosophie Architecture Urbain)-LAVUE research center. His work focuses on architectural and urban theory and on the contemporary modes of architectural design. He is a corresponding editor at the online magazine

  • Julio de la FuenteJulio de la Fuente

    Julio de la Fuente
    architect, urban planner, Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos - Madrid (ES)

    Julio de la Fuente is the co-founder of Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos, a Madrid based architecture & urban planning office of international scope, awarded in numerous competitions, including a.o. E9 Selb (DE) and Ama (ES), E10 Forchheim (DE) or E11 Linz (AT). He is a regular guest professor at universities in Spain and Germany. His works addresses the post-industrial urban processes from an urban-architectural point of view, understanding creativity as a scientific approach to complexity. His strategic design attitude has been described as "optimistic insistence".

  • Jens MetzJens Metz

    Jens Metz
    architect, Kleine Metz Architekten, teacher Cottbus School of Architecture - Berlin (DE)

    Jens Metz is an architect and urban planner from Berlin (DE). He founded plattformberlin in Paris (FR) in 1999 and is currently one of the directors of Kleine Metz Architekten, a broad-based design firm with a series of realizations and successful competition entries throughout Europe. He teaches at the School of Architecture of Cottbus (DE).

  • Mathias RollotMathias Rollot

    Mathias Rollot
    architect, Ph.D. candidate at GERPHAU, teacher ENSAPLV - Paris (FR)

    Architect, M.A.S. in Architecture&Philosophy, Mathias Rollot is Ph.D. candidate in the GERPHAU lab. (Architecture Urban Philosophy). Works as an architect in Paris (FR) and teachs in the School of Architecture of Paris-la-Villette since 2012. Regular contributor of QCTown online magazine and translator, he wrote a few critical books about philosophy and the city – “Saint-Dizier 2020. Projet de ville” (Chatelet-Voltaire, 2014), and “L’obsolescence. Ouvrir l’impossible” (Metispresses, 2015).

  • Bernd VlayBernd Vlay

    Bernd Vlay
    architect, STUDIOVLAY, teacher, Academy of Fine Arts - Wien (AT)

    Bernd Vlay is based in Vienna. He is director of STUDIOVLAY, an office which has been realizing large scale urban and architectural projects, combining architecture, urbanism and research from local to translocal scales. Since 2012 he holds the Roland Rainer Chair at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He is also the General Secretary of Europan Österreich.

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