Torrelavega (ES)


Project Scales L/S - Urban and architectural

Location National Livestock Market – Torrelavega - Cantabria

Population Cantabria Region 581,769 inhab., Torrelavega, 52,819 inhab.

Strategic site 35.94 ha – Project site 13.24 ha

Site proposed by Government of Cantabria – Torrelavega City Council

Owner of the site Municipal

Post-competition phase Building / urban project

Team representative architect, urban planner

More Information

How can the site contribute to the productive city?

Torrelavega is a productive industrial town that is also characterized by the deeply rooted cattle farming traditions of the Cantabria Region.
However, the scale of livestock farming is now smaller than in past times. The aim of this project is to refocus the National Cattle Market, maintaining its core activity while adapting it to productive, exhibition, leisure, cultural and other uses which will be integrated into the building and its environs. New activities will be generated to coexist with the main emblematic activity.

City strategy

The site currently covers a vast area that exerts a barrier effect on circulations in the zone.
The project should integrate the existing parkland with the building and its plot in a way that enables the interior of the building to operate as an extension of this green zone for citizen enjoyment.

Site definition 

The project area is just south of the centre of Torrelavega. It is surrounded by consolidated residential areas including the Nueva Ciudad and El Zapatón districts, and is adjacent to Manuel Barquín Park.
Both the building and the plot include other uses that must be maintained, such as the fire station, offices and an area occupied by municipal services.
The gently sloping topography is not steep, given the large size of the property, but does generate considerable grade variations

How is Production Considered in the Urban Diversity Program?

In recent years, Torrelavega has undergone major transformations that are giving the city a new image. It is committed to a major transformation and a reutilization of consolidated spaces, adapting them to today’s needs.
As part of this dynamic, it has become necessary to design a new multipurpose exhibition space that must also be compatible with the weekly cattle fair, which will continue to be held in this venue.
Family leisure is another of the uses that must be inserted into the project. The building and its environs will be converted into a large roofed space for everyday use by the citizens of Cantabria



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