Bamberg (DE)



Category Urban – landscape – architectural


Location Bamberg East

Population City c. 71,000 inhab. – Strategic site c. 13,000 inhab.

Strategic sitec. 200 ha - Project site A 5.5 ha / B 18.1 ha / C 6.5 ha

Site proposed by Bamberg City Council

Owner(s) of the site Bamberg City Council, various ownership (private and public), Conversion areas: Federal Republic of Germany (BImA), acquisition by Bamberg City Council planned

Commision after competition Outline or local development plan


Team representative professional of urban design/architecture

More Information

How can the site contribute to the adaptable city?

Bamberg East is a primary focus of the Urban Development Plan (SEK) approved in 2014. The barracks site is to be opened and linked to Bamberg East and the city centre by the development and extension of a network of attractive landscaped paths in an East-West direction. A key element of the SEK is the vision of an East Park extending from Hauptsmoorwald to the Lagarde Barracks. The proposed green link towards the railway station is to be extended to create a connection to the town centre. Lessening the disruptive effect of the railway line poses a considerable challenge. The goal is to highlight the special qualities of Bamberg’s east and strengthen the identity of the district.

City strategy

Bamberg is a mediaeval city whose historic centre was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993. The historic subdivision of the old town into Berggebiet (Hill Town), Inselstadt (Island Town) and Gärtnerstadt (Gardener Town) is still recognizable today and determines how Bamberg is perceived from the outside. Bamberg’s Eastern district with the newer 20th century development and extensive barracks complex has hitherto stood in the shadow of the old town and is sharply separated from the same by the railway line. With the abandonment of military use and withdrawal of the US forces in 2014 this area has moved into the sight line of planners. In order to integrate the conversion areas into the urban fabric and strengthen the connection to the city centre, our attention must be directed in particular to the adjoining neighbourhoods.

Site definition

The strategic site of approx. 200 ha extends from the former barracks site to the railway station and will thus play a major role in the future linkage of the conversion site to the city centre. The district is predominantly residential, and is made up of several neighbourhoods. The highly heterogeneous development reflects the different urban planning ideals of the past few decades. Retail businesses, educational facilities and commercial premises lie scattered between the neighbourhoods, and there is a lack of visible urban landmarks that would lend the district a distinct character.

Future of the site in relation to the site family and Adaptability

The identity of Bamberg East is to be reinforced by conceptual, planning and design solutions. A lively neighbourhood is to be created by a mixture of residential, cultural, work and recreational uses.
Zollnerstrasse and Luitpoldstrasse will assume overriding importance as the main traffic arteries between the city centre and the conversion site. A key role here will be played by the design of the streetscape and improvement of amenity value. The focus of the study will be three project sites with special development potential: The site behind the railway station is the first impression of Bamberg acquired by passengers arriving by rail. Architectural solutions with a high design standard are sought that also take account of emission control requirements.
Ideas for an open space with integrated pathway are needed for the undeveloped and in part landscaped areas in project area B, to the east of the railway line. In addition, innovative approaches for urban infill at the interface between residential and commercial are called for.
The appearance of the underused area C immediately adjoining the Lagarde Barracks is determined by its location at the intersection of two trunk roads. Vacant building sites and wasteland offer potential for upgrading and redevelopment here.

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