Portraits/Interviews Équipes primées E14

The Living City

Lillestrøm (NO) - Winner

Représentant d’équipe: Joakim Skajaa (NO) – architecte
Associés: Cathrine Finnema (NO), Lisa Angelica Barahona (NO) – architectes
Collaborateurs: Oda Solberg (NO) – architecte; Kristoffer Røgeberg (NO) – étudiant en architecture

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C. Finnema, O. Solberg, J. Skajaa,  L.A. Barahona et K. Rogeberg

"Our main idea was to propose a long term strategy for the transformation from industrial area to productive city. We started by looking for sites that could have multiple functions and designed ways they could be used as places of transformation. Then we looked for possible hybrids that could be part of a future city where production is integrated. Our main response is that we don’t know how the productive city at Lillestrøm will be so we have to plan for many possibilities."


Housing, production and soil cleaning
Masterplan of the project
Kantine: a café for both workers 
and inhabitants
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