Portraits/Interviews Équipes primées E15

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Borås (SE) – Mentionné

Représentante de l'équipe : Alexandra Kashina (RU) – architecte urbaniste ; Associés : Husain Vaghjipurwala (IN) – architecte urbaniste ; Johan Nilsson (SE) – urbaniste
Contributeur : Franziska Dehm (DE) – urbaniste

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H. Vaghjipurwala, A. Kashina, J. Nilsson, F. Dehm

"Our aim was to derive a system where the multiple metabolisms of the city can be introduced or subtracted when necessary. The important task here is to keep the citizens or the dwellers in control and aware of these metabolisms by merging the flows of knowledge into everyday life. Unfiltered, the productive city showcases how a lively city is being consumed, inhabited and shaped."


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