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La Bazana (ES) – Lauréat

Représentante d'équipe: Virginia de Jorge (ES) – architecte Associé: Nicolás Gutiérrez (ES) – architecte
Collaborateurs: Berta Calle (ES) – étudiante en architecture; Jaime Cored (ES), Marta Monzón (ES) – ingénieurs en batiment

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V. de Jorge & N. Gutiérrez

"The proposal is implemented on the basis of a ‘Master Plan’, and is financed autonomously, through the population's natural resources management. Therefore, our proposal is gradually built in a long-term basis, thought-provoking process and is governed by the following principles the needs of the agricultural cooperative.

The key point is recovering the relationship between nature and society, by making a take-care and productive symbiosis, promoting the intermediate spaces generated between the landscape, the square and the courtyard, opening a new differential and reference space associated with the enjoyment of being rural environment, thus promoting a model of survival, stable and sustainable. "


Axonometric view of the project
Natural wimming pools
Alejandro de la Sota Square


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