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New Sjöstad: Water, walk with me

Trelleborg (SE) - Lauréat

Représentante d’équipe : Cyril Pavlu (CZ) – urbaniste Associée: Kateřina Vondrová (CZ) – urbaniste

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C. Pavlu et K.Vondrová

The main issues - or rather great challenges - were to change the physical and mindset barriers. The vast harbour space has created a physical gap between the city and the sea but it also has made the urban life turn its back to the water. To fill the gap we proposed strong public space connections and relocation of the main traffic artery in order to naturally extend the existing city grid to the water edge. Part of the urban structure builds on the existing roads around the productive warehouses, which in our proposal become an essential part of the neighbourhood and public life. Newly proposed network of various public spaces along the waterfront and inside the new neighbourhoods allow us to bring back the urban life and rediscover the dailys relationship with water and production. The production, in our point of view, is something that happens on multiple scales and the site possesses a great potential to explore it. By preserving some of the existing buildings on site we are able to meet the range of production from large logistic centres to small single-person workshops, which are integrated within living-working blocks. No matter the scale, the connection to urban life outside the productive space is essential to make the production enhance the urban life and not vanish from our perception as it has been done before.

Aerial view of the project
Perspective of the productive blocks
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