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From Vorfeld to Core-feld

Neu-Ulm - Mentionné

Représentante d’équipe: Sofie Vaasen (BE) – architecte
Associés: Maria Luísa Pacheco Gonçalves (PT), Marco Xavier Cunha Fonseca (PT) – architectes

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S. Vaasen, L. Gonçalves et M. Fonseca

"The project aims at providing a backbone to the development of this neighbourhood, in order to become an integrated, heterogeneous and vibrant urban district in which apparently conflicting interests are being overcome. How can we densify without losing the open and green character of this place? How can we combine programmes like housing and production that are often thought of as conflicting? We believe that the mixing of these programmes can add cultural, social and economic value. A key feature of our project therefore are mixed-use buildings, located in strategic areas, that seek new forms for production spaces and commercial uses that are flexible, visible and allow for a great variety of programmes, without imposing them."


The core merges public spaces & dynamic
ground-floor zones
Masterplan of the project
Permeable urban fabric & green street 
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