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The Excity

Warszawa (PL) - Runner up

Représentant d’équipe : Lluis J. Liñán (ES) – architecte Associés: Andrea Gimeno (ES),  Josep Vicent Lluch (ES) – architectes

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J. V. Lluch, A. Gimeno et L. J. Liñán

The main ambition of our project was to speculate on the possibility of treating waste as a productive resource in the future development of European cities. From this standpoint, we imagined an "Excity", a city that brings back to life the materials disposed by the city of Warszawa and turns them into its essential resource from a social, economic and educational perspective, in order to test the urban potential of circular economy. 

The project included in the city as a whole
Axonometric views of the project
Perspective of one of the squares
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