Portraits/Interviews Équipes primées E14

Hattholmene Vattenstad

Karlskrona (SE) - Mention Spéciale

Représentant d’équipe: Mateusz Mastalski (DK) – architect
Associate: Ole Storjohann (DK) –  architect

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O. Storjohann et M. Mastalski

What would be a contemporary version of Karlskrona’s historic grid layout looking for a mixed and productive city? What would it mean to take Karlskrona’s Image of a city in the ocean to an extreme? We not only created a very flexible grid of diverse plots that accommodate all kind of functions from Hotels to production, we also extended the grid into the water – opening up possibilities not only for houseboats but also aquatic farming.   

Masterplan of the projet
Perspective of the project
New typologies for Karlskrona
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