Sites E13 - Azenha do Mar (PT)

Azenha do Mar (PT), E13

Situation Azenha do Mar, Odemira [Southwest coast of Portugal, 230 km from Lisbon]
Catégorie Urbain - architectural
Famille de site Comment créer une dynamique positive à partir d'une situation difficile ?

Commande apres le concours Concept and development design for a urban study that can evolve to include public space urban design and architectural and landscape design

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Comment le site peut-il contribuer à la ville adaptable ? (en anglais)

Azenha do Mar is a recent fishing settlement. Its adaptability corresponds to a challenge regarding the dynamics of a contemporary society related to a particular place identity. It is aimed at urban complementarities articulating natural landscape and activities (agriculture and fishing) through the enhancement of local resources, including sea products (fish, shellfish, algae), vegetables (subsistence farming), energy resources (sun, wind, tides) and landscape resources (paths and biodiversity). And also, to promote flexibility on these areas in a way that allows specific targets of hosting and providing greater diversification of economic, cultural and social activities.

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