Sites E15 - Bergische Kooperation (DE)

Urban change - Home between Rhein and Wupper

Situation Hilden, Ratingen, Solingen et Wülfrath-Düssel
Échelles de projet  XL/L/S - territoire / urbain + architecture / architecture + contexte
Famille de site IMPLANTER - Milieux productifs
Phase post concours Plan de développement urbain

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
The cooperation space “between Rhein and Wupper“ wants to initiate regional and local urban quarter developments on basis of a common future concept of the project “Future Quarters between Rhein und Wupper”, that include the possibilities and challenges of the technological and social changes in a constructive way. Within this framework, four cities from this cooperation space – Hilden, Ratingen, Solingen and Wülfrath – pose a common question for the Europan 15 session. Objective and task are to design specific spatial strategies and images and, additionally, create an international momentum for the development of urban quarters in the region.

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