Sites E15 - Halmstad (SE)

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Situation Halmstad, Quartier de la Gare Centrale
Échelles de projet L - urbain + architecture
Famille de site CRÉER DES PROXIMITÉS - Interfaces et circuits courts
Phase post concours Plan d'aménagement détaillé et développement de la nouvelle Gare Centrale

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
The competition task is to transform Halmstad Central Station area into the new hub of the city, through which the connections between national and regional, living and working, commuting and visiting serve as a catalyst for the urban development of the area. The aim is to expand the city centre eastwards to include this new productive area, and to link the segregated areas in the eastern and the western parts of the city. Halmstad Central Station area will be an integrated part of the city with new functions and increased connections to important focal points in the surroundings. The task is to strengthen the area’s urban qualities, to bridge the barriers of the railway, the main road and the river and to propose volumes and functions for a travel centre and other built structures. Innovative technical solutions for vibrations, traffic noise and rain water harvesting are sought for.