Sites E15 - Nin (HR)

Winter use of summer strategies

Situation village de Ždrijac, Nin, Croatie
Échelles de projet L - urbain + architecture
Famille de site FAIRE ÉVOLUER LES MÉTABOLISMES - Multiplier et relier les métabolismes
Phase post concours Plan de développement urbain, ateliers

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
The morphology of the ground on which the city-island formed in the shallow lagoon contributes to the unusual imagery and distinguishes Nin as a city with one of the three salt ponds on the eastern Adriatic coast that have been in operation since ancient times. The rich historical heritage, the proximity of large tourist resorts and the city of Zadar, resulted in the fact that the population of Nin (2,750 inhabitants in winter) explodes fivefold in the summer months (14,000 in the summer), which is a record number in Croatia. This scenario brings a number of problems to the functioning of everyday life. Programming of the development and planning of new public public spaces are burdened by seasonal (tourist) population. The basic task of future urban development is to create a balance between the productive (4 summer months) and the unproductive part of the year. To be "more productive" for Nin means re-utilizing the city's public and private accomodation and facilities created under the pressure of seasonal tourism in the winter period as well. In Ždrijac resort - the strategic site perimeter - the problems identified at the city level are strongly perceived, making it a suitable site for exploring new trends in development.

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