Sites E15 - Rødberg (NO)

Intensify the productive territory

Situation Rødberg, municipalité de Nore og Uvdal
Échelles de projet XL/L territoire / urbain + architecture
Famille de site CREER DES PROXIMITIES - Tiers espaces Entre
Phase post concours Contrat pour une planification et/ou une construction

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Rødberg is located between the historic rural centres ‘Nore’ and ‘Uvdal’. It is very much defined by its significant hydropower production plant, implemented in the 1920s. Before the hydropower development, the entire Numedal was a farming and woodland region. Hydropower production, farming and tourism now dominate the local economy. The hydropower plant Nore I is located in Rødberg, while the farmland areas are distributed along the Numedal valley.
‘Nore og Uvdal’ is a popular tourist destination, hosting 4000 second-homes counting up to 20.000 second-home dwellers during weekends and holidays. This has nevertheless a limited impact on the economy of Rødberg, which has not succeeded in creating attractions for the leisure time population of the area. How can Rødberg develop more attractivity both for local residents, second home dwellers, investors and entrepreneurs?