Sites E15 - Rotterdam Groot IJsselmonde (NL)

In search of Surburban Productive Landscapes

Situation Rotterdam, Groot IJsselmonde
Échelles de projet L/S - urbain + architecture / architecture + contexte
Famille de site IMPLANTER - Usages productifs
Phase post concours Conception (ou études de conception) pour une réalisation sur le site (ou sur un site aux caractéristiques similaires) commissionnées par la Municipalité de Rotterdam et/ou des partenaires privés

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Urban dynamics in peripheral post-war neighbourhoods are relatively low due to their monofunctional setup and the lack of new spa- tial developments. Support for communal services is under pressure because of the ageing population and the decrease in the number of inhabitants per house. However, these common places could become a strong asset to making them 21st century proof. In the original set up, Groot IJsselmonde had to provide a quiet counterbalance to the modern, complex society, allowing a growing child to gradually find its way in life and the workers to find peace and quietness after long days at work. The dominant green landscape formed an important backbone of these social intentions. Building on this anthroposophical view on spatial plan- ning, the aim is to transform the central area into an easily accessible healthy work-learn-and-live environment, attracting and fostering young generations as drivers of new economic activities.

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