Sites E15 - Selb (DE)

Intensify the productive territory

Situation Selb, Quartier de la Gare
Échelles de projet L - urbain + architecture
Famille de site CREER DES PROXIMITIES - Interfaces et circuits courts
Phase post concours Commande pour une étude urbaine (en fonction de la qualité des rendus)

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Directly at the South-Western border of the station area, a local small medium business, which expanded its production capacities in the last years and increased the number of employees considerable, has its production halls. South of the area is a supermarket. At the station square and in the street to the station, some companies are present (restaurants, a petrol station, trade). Currently, the site lacks attractivity regarding the urban layout and the proposed selection of uses. The goal is to create an attractive location for living and working through extensive urbanistic actions like revitalization of the public space and reconstruction with attractive building ensembles.

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