Sites E15 - Täby (SE)

The playful Arninge-Ullna

Situation Arninge-Ullna, Täby
Échelles de projet L - urbain + architecture
Famille de site FAIRE EVOLUER LES METABOLISMES - Multiplier et connecter les organismes
Phase post concours Masterplan

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Arninge-Ullna is a district within the municipality of Täby, north of Stockholm. Originating as a commercial and light industrial area in the 1970s, it is now moving towards becoming a complete city, including residential and recreational components. This development is promoted by a grid structure that allows for a natural expansion and change of functions, as well as the very good connections through regional railway and roads. The project site is at the moment mainly forested and waiting to be exploited. The task is to make an innovative masterplan for this area (the project site) with residencies, production capacity, recreational facilities, and public functions in order to affect the balance of the whole of Arninge-Ullna (the study site) and further its path towards a rich and mixed city.

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