Sites E15 - Weiz (AT)

Vacancy! Pilot strip on productivity

Situation Gleisdorferstraße, Weiz, Styrie, Autriche
Échelles de projet XL/S - territoire / architecture + contexte
Famille de site CRÉER DES PROXIMITÉS - Tiers espace Entre
Phase post concours Plan structurel et guide de conception pour l'espace urbain

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Weiz is exceptional. In contrast to other regional cities it is booming: the economy is strong, the population is increasing, jobs are being created and buildings and research institutions are expanding. Many exciting new projects have recently been realised or are in the pipeline. However the biggest project of all is the new mobility artery which is currently under construction and includes a rail track for commuter trains, a road, a bike path and several footbridges. Profound changes will result from this enterprise. The E15 site - that runs in parallel to the axis - looks at the overall scale of this unique transformation. 
The city’s ambitious plan is a visionary strategy, which fosters inventive typologies and new forms of businesses along with potential synergies knitted into the existing framework.

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