E16 Sites - Aalst (BE)

"Re-Imagining the River"

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Localisation Aalst, Flemish Region, Belgium
Échelle Urban and architectural
Famille de site Care - Réinventer la ruralité et le patrimoine productif
Phase post-concours Consultant to the city administration, assisting the draft of the future zoning plan

Comment le métabolisme et l'inclusivité doivent-ils être développés et reliés ?
The northern part of the zone along the Dender river […] is representative of the overal transformation of the former industrial quays in Aalst. […] A great potential for this site specifically was detected to develop a cluster of urban distribution, manufacturing, recycling and creative economics. Given the special potential to interweave economic activities in this project zone, it is essential to give the manufacturing and creative economy a place here, together with the many other urgent space needs: nature, recreation and relaxation, living, public services, education... […] How can the banks of the Dender be both a place to stay and a valuable ecological link, but also leave room for the necessary distribution and local flows?