E16 Sites - Ettlingen (DE)

"An Integrated Conversion of the Former ELBA Site"

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Localisation Town of Ettlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Échelle M, L architectural and urban scale
Famille de site Care - Réinventer la ruralité et le patrimoine productif
Phase post-concours Further commissioning depending on the competition result. Next steps: revision of the framework plan, preparation of supplementary strategy concepts (e.g. energy, mobility and open space concept), preparation of a development plan

Comment le métabolisme et l'inclusivité doivent-ils être développés et reliés ?
A transformation is to be initiated for the urban area in order to give it a new, positive identity, in line with the “New Leipzig Charter” (NCL) for European cities. The basis is an urban development framework plan. This envisages the new building for the Albtal-Verkehrsgesellschaft depot being housed in a predefined building block […] The idea is to develop the Ettlingen-West railway station as an intermodal transport node (mobility hub) and as a valuable place for arrival. To this end, the image profile of this urban space must be improved in order to make it an urban pivot for the different transport interconnections that is proportionate to its function and significance.