E16 Sites - Fagerstrand (NO)

"Connecting a Fragmenting Suburb into 'One' Place"

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Localisation Fagerstrand, Nesodden
Échelle XL urban
Famille de site Revitalisation – Rendre les territoires performatifs
Phase post-concours Opportunities for further urban studies as commissions from the municipality or private developers

Comment le métabolisme et l'inclusivité doivent-ils être développés et reliés ?
The municipality of Nesodden is now preparing for Fagerstrand to become one of two priority growth areas in the municipality, as the sub urban community will accommodate 35% of the municipality’s future population growth. […] Fagerstrand is an urban area in a rural setting, and this quality shall be kept while at the same time creating urban qualities and facilities. It shall be developed on nature’s terms, and in a way that prioritises human well-being and lives.