E16 Sites - Hjertelia (NO)

"Social and Productive Pilot-Project for a Town on the Cusp of Transformation"

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Localisation Hønefoss, Ringerike
Échelle S - urban and architectural
Famille de site Care - Valoriser les éléments naturels et les paysages
Phase post-concours Preliminary architectural study of pilot project. Commission value 500 000 NOK.

Comment le métabolisme et l'inclusivité doivent-ils être développés et reliés ?
Through Europan 16, Ringerike municipality wants to investigate how Hjertelia can become an experimental pilot neighbourhood based on urban farming and social forms of living that underpins belonging in a town undergoing large scale changes. The ambitious goal is to show the way for further development within the study area, and more so, contribute with new examples to a common library of housing typologies for the future.