E16 Sites - Landshut (DE)

"Processes & Programmes to Integrate a Previous “Void” into the Urban Structure"

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Localisation Town of Landshut, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Échelle S, M and L, architectural and urban scale
Famille de site Care - Gérer de nouveaux usages
Phase post-concours Supplementary studies in cooperation with the town of Landshut

Comment le métabolisme et l'inclusivité doivent-ils être développés et reliés ?
Long term, the city of Landshut aims to implement an urban development plan. […] The site is the former Landshut correctional facility on the edge of central Landshut. The prison was built in 1905–07 as a modern, medium-sized prison for 180 prisoners, and the complex has been a listed building since 2012. It stands on the main development axis leading to Landshut’s historic town centre from the south, and work on the project should take this context into account. However, the project site needs to be approached with an open mind. All uses are conceivable. […] The aim of the competition is to transform the building and the site, to open it up and integrate it into the city, to design a process for this transformation, and to define new programs.