E16 Sites - Namur (BE)

"From Secret Military to Open Public Site"

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Localisation Namur, Walloon Region Capital
Échelle Urban and architectural
Famille de site Revitalisation - Renforcer la biodiversité
Phase post-concours Master Plan

Comment le métabolisme et l'inclusivité doivent-ils être développés et reliés ?
The Sart Hulet site is located on hills. […] It houses a military infrastructure intended for the training of young soldiers in military engineering. […] What to do with this site? How to recover and enhance the existing buildings? How to create living ecological continuities beyond the landscape ruptures? Given the available space and the wooded character of certain parts of the site, what recreational activities could potentially complement productive activities of a community nature? What housing model on this site where the public interest predominates with a share of public housings to be proposed by the candidates?