E16 Sites - Västerås (SE)

"Living City - During a Transformative Process"

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Localisation Mälarporten, central Västerås
Échelle L - urban and architectural
Famille de site Revitalisation - Renforcer la biodiversité
Phase post-concours Implementation in collaboration with the City of Västerås

Comment le métabolisme et l'inclusivité doivent-ils être développés et reliés ?
Västerås is growing and […] Mälarporten is an important area in the development of Västerås, with its location close to the city center, Lake Mälaren and important public transportations nodes. Mälarporten offers amazing possibilities to create an entirely new neighbourhood that is both innovative and sustainable for the future. […] The competition task is linked to the theme of Living City by focusing on the time for completion of the area, which is estimated to take 25 years. Throughout the construction process, the area must be attractive and vibrant with social aspects and sustainability in focus. The competition task is to develop flexible solutions that create attractiveness and activity for those who pass through and visit the area today, as well as for those who move in early.