E17 Sites - Celje (SI)

Celje (SI)

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Location Celje, City Municipality of Celje, Slovenian Styria region
Scale XL/L
Site Family Think tabula non-rasa / Designing new habitats as a holistic environment

Commission after competition Preparing the further development of the idea and research as well as preparing the technical studies as a basis for the urban development plan.

Inhabited milieu's challenges
Celje wants to reverse the fortunes of a city with some of the worst air quality in the country and a city that is losing citizens to relocation, so targeted development of strategic locations is key. One of these is the ‘’Stara Cinkarna’’ site, which on the surface has exceptional advantages: proximity to the city centre, multi-modal connectivity, regional accessibility, good insolation, large surface area. The challenge of developing the site lies not only in the figurative sense of approaching the burden of history, but also in the literal sense of allowing development on contaminated land that must not be encroached upon or removed.