Enköping (SE)

Données synthétiques

Échelle de projet L - urbain + architecture

Localisation Myran, Enköping

Population 23 960 habitants 

Site stratégique 155 ha – Site de projet 71,5 ha

Site proposé par Municipalité de Enköping

Acteurs impliqués Municipalité de Enköping

Propriétaire du site Municipalité de Enköping, secteur privé

Phase post concours Plans détaillés d'aménagement et études urbaines en collaboration avec la municipalité

Représentant d'équipe Architecte - urbaniste - paysagiste

Information complémentaire

How can the site contribute to a productive city?

The business park Myran provides a favourable location for development, offering business opportunities and workplaces for a wide variety of services and production, including e-commerce. It is easily accessible for customers coming from different directions, including those traveling from the city of Enköping, motorists on the E18 motorway and commuters using the railway services. The area provides ideal conditions for the development and production of technologically innovative goods and services, with environmentally friendly buildings on a small-town scale. The competition task is to transform this area to an attractive mixed city, developing its function as a business park with manufacturing and trade, as well as adding housing, commercial services and offices, which are all connected in a network of functional public spaces and green areas.

City strategy

The area currently relies on transportation by car. The development requires modern solutions for environmentally friendly means of transportation to meet current and future needs, in harmony with the city’s cultural assets and with consideration to environmental aspects. The transformation should take climate characteristics, climate change, as well as behavioural change into account. Conversion to production based on new technologies will create new workplaces and services, such as e-commerce, which in turn will generate new needs and habits to facilitate. This sort of development should be combined with Enköping’s small-city characteristics, which are defined by its rich history and carefully designed parks. The goal is to make the entire area a productive and lively district, where a balanced mix of housing, services, offices, manufacturing and trade will make it a natural part of the cityscape and contribute to Enköping’s development.

Site definition

The business park Myran is located in the northern part of Enköping, between three important transit lines; the E18 motorway (to Stockholm and Oslo), the railway (to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo), and national road 70 (leading North). The area is also within walking distance of the city centre. It borders a natural landscape in the Northeast and a residential area under development in the southeast. In the Northeastern corner of the site there is also a large undeveloped plot of land. The business park is partly developed with large-scale commercial buildings clad in industrial facades, surrounded by paved surfaces such as parking lots. The internal road network consists of low-standard industrial roads intended for motor vehicle traffic.

How is production inserted in the urban diversity programme?

This can be achieved through a balanced development of housing and appropriate types of production/offices primarily close to the main railway station and the commuter parking lot (an important communication node). Due to its location near the motorway, the northern part of the business park is more suitable for diverse production, trade and services. Myran is to be infused with well-designed public spaces and points of interest linked through a network of walking and cycling routes. New digital technology is constantly generating new jobs in Enköping, and such technological development enables production of both material and digital goods and services in a more space-efficient manner. The railroad’s boundary-like effect between the city centre and business park has to be minimised with careful planning. Strategically placed and easily accessible workplaces, services and points of interest will also optimise the flow of people to and from the business park. New, forward-looking digital technology and small- scale industries, as well as the production of material and digital goods and services are most suitable for Enköping’s future development. The urban renewal should achieve a balance between old and new features. A vital component in the development of the entire business park, and Enköping as a whole, will be the interaction between high architectural quality, carefully designed public spaces and a well-planned network for transportation, (including footpaths, bicycle paths, public transit lines and other environmentally friendly means of transport). This will generate suitable conditions for urban life and diversity.

Aerial view from the North
Northeastern part of the project site
Train central station 
Streetview from the North-West

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