A Man Never Steps Twice in the Same River

Pavia (IT)
22 Sep 2014 - 25 Sep 2014

Workshop Pavia (IT) - "Adaptable Campus-City" - Workshop Site 3


Fabio Cavaterra (IT), Winner in Seraing (BE) with "Synergie"
Hans Focketyn (BE), Runner-up in Wien-Kagran (AT) with "Kaleidoscope"
Hanna Haukemyr (NO), Sigrid Urnes (NO), Winner in Bærum (NO) with "Social Riverscape"
Emmi Keskisarja (FI), Silje Klepsvik (NO), Miia-Liina Tommila (FI), Winner in Asker (NO) with "Kaleidoscope"
Cristian Panaite (RO), Mircea Munteanu (RO), Winner in Marly (CH) with "Le parc des falaises"

Coach: Stéphane Bonzani (FR)
Assistant: Elena Romano (IT)


The Ticino River South of the historical centre of Pavia is meant to play a new role in the urban development of the city. Still, a certain number of obstacles prevent its integration in the city’s projects – particularly the risks of floods that have obliged the inhabitants of Pavia, from the foundation of the city until now, to build a very strong physical barrier (the fortifications) as well as a mental one between their territory and the river’s. The city of Pavia is better known for its historical heritage and its university than for its links with the Ticino. Besides, the district located South of the river is still regularly under water, as it is less protected than the city centre up North. All this contributes to hide the potentialities of the Ticino.
Today, Pavia wishes to turn towards this natural element that played a major role in its development without ever acquiring the importance it deserves. Some already use the banks for water or recreational activities and events are also sometimes organised, demonstrating a certain interest for this space. But the city wants to go further and this is precisely the issue of this workshop: exploring scenarios able to reinvent strong links between the city and the river. The question of sharing this potentially rich milieu lies at the heart of the investigations.

A Man Never Steps Twice in the Same River

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For this scenario based on natural and urban rhythms, the team analysed the potential connections between city and river to point out 7 strong links crossing the river that might be interesting to activate, structuring the Ticino as the new spine of the urban territory.
The first link on the West –“The Wild Link”– proposes to link the campus to the river, studying the possibilities in times of floods or low water level. The second link –“The Delta of Opportunities”–, at the mouth of a small tributary river, is the occasion to proposer a renaturation of the surrounding districts. “The Educational Banks” turns to educative uses in link with schools and oriented towards the knowledge of the natural environments. “The Natural Boulevard” studies the penetration of water in the city during periods of flooding and imagines scenarios of use of the public space according to the water level. The 5th link –“The Fluid Cardo”– plays on the variations of the day-and-night cycle to make the presence of the river more sensitive and visible until the city centre. “The Amphitheatre of Fog” –the 6th link– works on a variation of seasonal atmospheres given by the river, between summer and winter; the presence of fog is the occasion to propose uses linked to live performances. Last but not least, “The Expo Experience”, located on the East, imagines activation through the setting up of temporary and sustainable structures turning the river into an exhibition stage.

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