E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews


Oliva (ES) – Special Mention

Team Representative: Yasmina Juan (ES) – Architect Urbanist; Associates: Jorge Juan Roy (ES), Alejandro Alejandro (ES), Ana María Villalba (ES), Brandon Henao (ES), Ana Vargas (ES), Pascual Herrero (ES), Anna Morro (ES), Víctor Muñoz (ES), Francisco Piño (ES), María Pitarch (ES), Sergio Estruch (ES) – Architects; Fernando Navarro (ES) – Architect Urbanist; Elisa Juanes (ES), Sara García (ES) – Engineer-Architects ; Rebeca Piñol (ES) – student in graphic arts

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Y. Juan, J. Juan Roy, A. Alejandro, A. María Villalba, B. Henao, A. Vargas, P. Herrero, A. Morro, V. Muñoz, F. Piño, M. Pitarch, S. Estruch, F. Navarro, E. Juanes, S. García & R. Piñol

"In connection with the topic of this session, we see that the area suffers from the abandonment generated after the failure of monofunctional production models. In this sense, and in relation to re-integration with the city, it seems essential to establish indicators of occupancy densities and diversity of uses. Also it’s a space of opportunity as a node of articulation between rural and urban contexts, with the possibility of materializing the connections between the territorial and the urban green-blue infrastructures."


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