E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

43°20’3’’N 5°21’39”E : Manifeste Clinique

Marseille (FR) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Florian Carrot (FR) – architect urbanist; Associates: Céline Montaru (FR), Alice Mathais (FR) – architects urbanists; Grégoire Billard (FR) – jurist, urbanist

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A. Mathais, G. Billard, F. Carrot, C. Montaru

"Actually, the neighbourhood was already answering to the productive city issues: combining old industrial sites and faubourg, the Cabucelle had changed, over time, integrating workshops on the ground floor and automotive businesses on brownfields. For us, the question was to develop a project on the basis of this active city, in order to support and enhance the existing economic fabric and to prevent uncontrolled urban dynamics from which could emerge a homogenous urban fabric."


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