E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Weiz Archipelago

Weiz (AT) - Runner-up

Team Representative: Sebastian Sattlegger (AT) – architect; Associates: Bernhard Mayer (AT) – architects; Clara Linsmeier (AT) – student in architecture

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B. Mayer, C. Linsmeier & S. Sattlegger

"By the construction of a new bypass, Gleisdorfer Straße loses its function as Weiz’s main transit route. We saw this change in meaning as an opportunity not only for the streetscape itself, but in particular for the contiguous neighbourhoods. […] we conceptualized the nearby Weizbach-river and its surrounding greenspaces as a linear park and together with the transformed Gleisdorfer Straße a new offer of public space within the productive landscape is created."


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