E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

The Fantastic Forest Phenomenon

Karlovac (HR) – Winner

Team Representative: Krešimir Renić (HR) – architect 
Associates: Hana Dašić (HR), Iva Erić (HR), Jana Horvat (HR), Ria Tursan (HR) – architects 
Contributor: Andrea Majić (HR) – architect

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Hana Dasic, Iva Eric, Jana Horvat, Ria Tursan

"Cities like Karlovac are in need of new narratives – for good stories have the power to attract everything they are missing: people, money and excitement. The role of the project site, a new research hub in the city, is to explore a possibility for new productivity in and around the city. New strategies are developed, introducing a network of new flows through the city. The neighbourhood itself is designed to function as an independent ecosystem of a peculiar, forest-like environment, a hybrid urban-natural habitat that serves as an exciting arena for experiment and imagination."


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