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Amsterdam Sluisbuurt (NL) - Winner

Team Representative: Miguel Huelga de la Fuente (ES) – architect Associate: Iria de la Peña Méndez (ES) – architect

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I. de la Peña Méndez & M. Huelga de la Fuente 

"The main target for the project is the ambition to make “Sluisbuurt” into a typical Amsterdam neighbourhood while introducing high-rise buildings, a type of development still exceptional for the city. Unlike the typical high-rise development, with towers resting in a plinth, the proposal here is to emphasize their presence. The footprint of the towers works as a Hub at street level, hosting the main facilities in the block. The activity, usually facing main streets, is now transferred to the courtyards surrounding the towers, where public space becomes a flexible and active zone between towers and plinth units. To create a mixed-use residential neighbourhood of such large dimensions, liveable and sustainable, the urban guidelines establish different alternatives of living and working typologies. It combines them in a vertical urban model. The introduction of productive activities into the new development is key to achieve a balanced combination of uses, providing autonomy to the new development. The integration of workspace and small manufacturing units in the residential district generates a lively atmosphere. "


Waterfront view of the project 
Housing units


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