E15 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Island (e)Scape

Graz (AT) – Special Mention

Team Representative: Marcello Galiotto (IT) – Architect; Associates: Alessandra Rampazzo (IT), Susanna Aina Elisabeth Lindvall (SE), Luca Negrini (IT) - Architects Contributors: Yasmine Houari (BE) – Architect ; Francesco Cauda (IT), Carlotta Floreano(IT), Francesco Baggio(IT) – Students in Architecture

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M. Galiotto, A. Rampazzo, S. Aina Elisabeth Lindvall, L. Negrini. Y. Houari, F. Cauda, C. Floreano, F. Baggio

"The project focuses on the idea of breaking existing limits of the territorial site - limits that have been defined over the years, provoking a change in “metabolism” of the area. The idea is indeed to re-activate the site offering quality public spaces for the residential neighborhood (considered troubling nowadays). That means transforming the entire island of the strategic site into multiple smaller-in-size islands. The spaces in-between will then increase the permeability and overcome both social and economical boundaries that have been."


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