Europan 17 Results

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  • May 2024
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Europan 17 Results

The Europan 17 results catalogue, on the theme of Living Cities /2, is in preparation!

Buy it at a lower cost in presale: €20 instead of €30 until the publication date (spring 2024)!

This book will offer a unique and attractive panorama of talented young European designers around their proposal to regenerate fragile inhabited milieus at different scales between territorial, urban and architecture.
It will present all of the 158 projects on a European scale, awarded by 11 expert juries during the seventeenth session in 51 sites and 12 participating countries.

Around the theme Living Cities /2, they reimagine architectures and landscapes that take care of these inhabited milieus. The ideas of the 49 winners, 52 runners-up and 57 special mentions will be presented according to the three main thematic families:
1 - Let the birds sing! Designing for biodiversity + Designing with natural cycles
2 - Imagine a second life! Designing with obsolescence + Designing with the existing
3 - Think tabula non-rasa! Designing urban strategies + Design with territorial visions

Points of view from experts (scientific committee and juries) will put these projects into perspective in relation to the theme and the major ecological issues induced by global warming.
The specific development challenges of each site and the questions asked to competitors by the cities will be recalled. And each project will be presented through images, a text from the team and a point of view from the jury

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