Istanbul (TR)
Dec 2010
Between Global and Local: What Scales? Forum of Sites - Istanbul (TR) - Debate

Neither separated by a hermetic boundary, nor diluted in diffuse urban sprawl, how can city and countryside coexist today and become dynamically interwoven?


"Remapping a globalizing city"

A lecture by Ipek Akpinar, town planner, architect and teacher at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Istanbul.

Ipek Akpinar (TR): Turkey globally and Istanbul particularly are become hot topics of discussion, not only in Turkey but also in the all European Union. Just few months ago, the reviews “Architectural Design” and “Urbanisme” made their covers on Istanbul. To tell the story of Istanbul has always been difficult, it has too many layers, positive or negative… but there are two very distinct positions in telling the story of Istanbul, either dealing with the dynamic of the city, especially the foreigners which are providing a lot of publications, most of all in positive positions whereas we, insiders, are more or less wearing black glasses, from time to time. Today I’ll try to set a balance between the two positions. […]

Download the debate here.

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