E12/E13 - Inter-Sessions Forum - Lectures/Debates

Europan's goal is not only to have new ideas emerge in the urban-architectural field and give a "label" to the winning teams; it also aims at transforming the winning ideas into operational developments of different shapes.

The first day of the Inter-Sessions Forum studies the potential or already engaged implementation processes after the E12 competition. Many projects on “The Adaptable City” proposed “projects-processes”, not “objects”, considering the new paradigms of a sustainable city in a new way to produce urban space.

Each Lecture/Debate –dealing with 4 topics qualifying the sites mutations– begins with a lecture on the innovations found in the results; 2 implementations from former sessions are then presented, followed by a debate on E12 “projects-processes” presented by the teams and clients. The goal is to show how cities can use these ideas/tools to develop interesting urban strategies and to compare them, creating stimulation for new processes.