E13 - Theme Contributions



Adaptability is one of the major issues for the future of European cities, maybe one of the most important given the evolution of the urban societies.

Europan invited 40 personalities that are close to Europan –former winning teams, members of previous juries, experts in urban planning, reviewers…– to specify this topic and give it a specific identity for the new Europan session –an identity that takes into account the new design and implementation habits in architecture and urban planning in Europe.

Every personnality was asked what this new session topic would be according to them, and in continuity with the previous session. What are today the innovating strategies of conception that might be ways to develop "adaptation processes of the urban areas" in the European cities? This was the meaning of this call for contributions to better measure the impact of the topic in the practice in Europe.

The Europan Scientific Council analyzed the 40 answers to the call for contributions to determine sub-topic families and produce the definitive E13 topic text. The definitive title for the E13 topic is:

Self-Organization – Sharing – Project (Proces)




The 40 contributions are listed below:


-1- Incremental Change in Project

Charles Daubas
Architect, RiO office, Paris (FR) – www.ri-o.fr

-2- What's Next?

Architecture office, Treviso (IT) – demogoarchitecture.wordpress.com

-3- What Built Environment for a Declining Economy?

Erik Wingquist
Architect, Testbedstudio, Stockholm (SE) – www.testbedstudio.com

-4- …towards Europan 13, 2016… 

Collectif Etc., Architecture office, Strasbourg (FR) – www.collectifetc.com
+ Maria João Pita , architect (PT) – www.mariajoaopita.info
+ Philippe Sepulveda, architect (FR) 

-5- Privatization and New Way to Design Urban Space

Bernard Reichen
Architect Urban planner, Reichen et Robert & Associés, Paris (FR) – www.reichen-robert.fr

-6- Europan 13, Perspectives

Frédéric Bonnet
Architect, Teacher, OBRAS architectes, Paris (FR) – www.paysages.net

-7- New Methods of Sourcing and Funding Projects Europan

Jonathan Woodroffe
Architect, S333, London (UK) – www.s333.org

-8- Notes on the Concept of Resilience

Gilles Delalex
Architect, Studio Muoto, Paris (FR) – studiomuoto.com

-9- Sustaining Urban Life

Julian Lewis
Architect, Urban planner, East, London (UK) – www.east.uk.com

-10- The Design of a Creative and Innovative Implementation Process

Julio de la Fuente
Architect, Gutiérrez De La Fuente Architects, Madrid (ES) – www.gutierrez-delafuente.com

-11- Il tempo nascosto delle città

Lappo Ruffi
Architect, LRA Office, Pistoia (IT) – ec2.it/laporuffiarchitetto

-12- Can Architects Be Precursors in the Crisis?

Marcel Smets, Urban planner, and Mireille Apel-Muller, Chief Executive
IVM - Institut de la ville en mouvement, Paris (FR) – www.ville-en-mouvement.com

-13- The City of Friction

Clara Murado et Juan Elvira
Architects, Murado & Elvira, Madrid (ES) – www.muradoelvira.com

-14- Reflections on the Theme of Europan 13

Nicolas Reymond
Architect, Urban planner, Paris (FR) – www.nicolasreymond.com

-15- Cities of Access

Stefan Gruber
Architect, Teacher, Studio Gruber, Wien (AT) – www.studiogruber.com

-16- Second Generation Europan

Tania Concko
Architect, Amsterdam (NL) – taniaconcko.com

-17- European Suburb

Wolfgang Koelbl
Architect, Teacher, TU Wien (AT)

-18- Towards Social Æsthetics in Architecture?

Eastern Promises, exhibition at the MAK, Wien (AT)

-19- Reversible Shared Space

Sibylle Vincendon
Article published Libération, 06/2013 – grandparis.blogs.liberation.fr

-20- Managing the Paradox between Innovation and Resilience

Jean-Jacques Terrin
Architect, PhD in Architecture, Research Director, Paris (FR) – terrin.net

-21- Extrait de "Urban Morphology and Sustainable Development. Issues of Sustainable Urban Development"

Béatrice Bochet
Urban planner, Teacher, Université de Neuchâtel (CH)

-22- Urban Polarities / Micro Centralities

Andreas Trisko
Urban planner of the city of Wien (AT)

-23- Strategic Projects for Contemporary Architectural Waste

Blanca Lleó
Architect, Teacher, Escuela de arquitectura de Madrid, ETSAM Polytechnic University, Madrid (ES)

-24- Re-Thinking the Way of Living in European Cities

Ester Stevelink
Architect, GAAGA, Leiden (NL) – www.gaaga.nl

-25- Adaptable City, Adapted City

Josef Weber
Architect, Head of the Urban Planning and Building Office of the town of Erlangen (DE)

-26- Focus: Affirmative Development of the Existing City

Karin Sandeck
President of Europan Deutschland, Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, Munich (DE)

-27- Build New Communities

Mariet Schoenmakers
Urban planner, AM Concepts, Utrecht (NL) – www.am.nl

-28- The Resilient City, a Future Theme for Europan

Piet Vollaard
Architect, Architecture reviewer, Rotterdam (NL) – www.archined.nl

-29- What New Ways for Europan?

Richárd Ongjerth
Urban planner, Director of Europan Magyarország and MUT – Magyar Urbanisztikai Társaság (Hungarian Institute for Urban Planning) – www.mut.hu

-30- Reposition in a Changed World

Simone Rots
Crimson Architectural Historians, Director of Hofbogen, Rotterdam (NL) – www.hofbogen.nl

-31- The Entrepreneurial City

Aglaée Degros
Architecte, Artgineering, Rotterdam (NL) – www.artgineering.nl – Member of Europan Scientific Council

-32- The Multiplicity and Scalability of the Inhabited Milieux : the Question of Sharing

Chris Younès
Philosopher, Teacher ESA / ENSAPLV, Paris (FR) – Member of Europan Scientific Council

-33- User, Take Over!

Ines Nizic
Architect, Teacher TU Wien (AT) – www.architktur-bn.net – Member of Europan Scientific Council

-34- Resilience – Adpatability

Pascal Amphoux
Contrepoint, Projets urbains, Lausanne (CH), Teacher ENSAN Nantes (FR), Researcher CRESSON Grenoble (FR) – Member of Europan Scientific Council

-35- Networked Ecologies: Increasing Urban Resiliencies

Socrates Stratis
Architect, urban planner with a Doctorate Degree in Urbanism (University of Paris Saint-Denis, FR). Tenure Track Professor at the Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus, AA & U For Architecture, Art and Urbanism – www.urban-a-where.com– Member of Europan Scientific Council

-36- The Adaptable City – Urban Transformation as a Process

Ana Brandão
Architect, Researchers and PhD Student - Barcelona Univ. (ES)

-37- The Agronomic City

Laura Fabriani, Sante Simone, Alessandro Zappaterreni 
Architects, Kurmak Architettura, Researchers and Teachers, Roma (IT)

-38- The Recycled City: New Uses in Old Settings

Levente Polyak
Urban planner, Budapest (HU) – polyaklevente.net

-39- Orienting the Future of European Cities from an Ecocentric Culture of Design

Xavier Bonnaud
Arcthitects, Meso Studio, Teacher at ENSAPLV, Paris (FR) – www.mesostudio.com

-40- Adaptability 2: The Active Project and the Stimulation of the Large Neighbourhood

Kaye Geipel
Architectx, Architecture reviewer, Bauwelt, Berlin (DE) – www.bauwelt.de