Istanbul (TR)
Dec 2010
In Between City and Nature: How to Inhabit the Edge of the Cities? Forum of Sites - Istanbul (TR) - Debate

What relations between the global territorial sustainable strategy of cities and the local urban design development? How to transform areas, putting in interactivity the both scales?


"At the Threshold of the Third Urban Revolution, Possible Consequences?"

Lecture by Thomas Sieverts. He was a professor for urban design in Berlin, Harvard, Stuttgart, Nottingham and Berkeley, Director of the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park. He coordinated several interdisciplinary research-works and ran until 2005 an office for urban design in Bonn (DE). 


Thomas Sieverts: Sometimes it is good, to lean back and to try to see our present problems in a long historic perspective and to understand, what is just happening, in a more general picture. If we do this, we might discover that we are in a situation, where our cities are in a deep transformation, historically comparable to the transformation from the agrarian to the industrial city in the 19. Century, based on coal (first modernity) and to the transformation from the old industrial city to a service oriented city, based on oil/gas (second modernity). […]

Download the debate here.

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