re Ex-107

Workshop Badajoz (ES) - Workshop Site 1


Carles Enrich (ES), Adriana Campmamy (ES), Runner-up in Gjakova (KO) with "Caravanserais"
Adrià Guardiet (ES), Runner-up in Leeuwarden (NL) with "Urban Prescriptions"
Nicola Dario Baldassarre (IT), Winner in Molfetta (IT) with "Hold the Line"
Ferran Viladomat Serrat (ES), Gabriel Casals Serrano (ES), Carles Esquerra Julià (ES) Runner-up in Molfetta (IT) with "Molfetta, terra e mare"
Juan Socas (ES), Winner in Palma (ES) with "Salvemos el horizzonte"

Coach: Jim Njoo (CA/FR)


How Can The Revitalization Of Urban Fragments Induce A Larger Regeneration Of The Urban Structure?

Olivenza is a small rural town located approximately 22 km South of the provincial capital, Badajoz, and 10 km from the Portuguese border, in an agricultural territory marked by rising unemployment and a shrinking and aging population. The first workshop site proposed a large intervention area covering the historical city centre and its outer edges. Starting from a selection of existing buildings, partially vacant or in need of repair, the participants were asked to reflect on how the town might attract new populations and uses while preserving its local heritage. More precisely, the idea was to explore how to modify the program, use and adaptability of certain sites in and around Olivenza, such as the bus station area —a problematic collection of autonomous fragments consisting of a partially vacant community centre, a series of empty warehouses and an outdoor amphitheatre— or the San Francisco bastion site —a former convent partially occupied by an olive oil mill today— so as to establish the necessary conditions by which these locations might become elements of connection and urban activation in the future development of the city.

re Ex-107

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re Ex-107 reframes the problematic of Olivenza at an infrastructural level. The proposal formulates a critique of current mobility management policies in Spain that typically solve the problem of increased car traffic by the implementation of bigger and faster road infrastructure. Scrutinizing the economical, ecological and social consequences of the planned highway corridor to be constructed between Olivenza and Badajoz, this study is a critical plea to investigate possible alternatives to the growing infrastructural fragmentation of our built environment.

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