Don't miss the deadline for submission!

The Europan 17 submission deadline is set on Sunday 30th July 2023, 23:59 (UTC+2).

Submissions are done through the European website only, through the Entry section. Remember that you are not allowed to submit more than one project per country!

What do you need to provide us with?

The 3 boards must be vertical A1 PDF. Each board must not exceed 20Mb. 
The 3 images for communication are PDF of max. 1Mb. 
The text for communication is max. 800 characters long (spaces included). 
The text presenting ideas and processes of the project should be a PDF document not exceeding 4-pages long.

Here are some useful pieces of advice for the submission of your projects:

- Make sure your documents correspond to the required formats stated in the Rules;
- Make sure you have a good Internet connection when submitting your project;
- Don't forget the 3 steps to submit a document: 1. Upload the document (board, ID, degree…); 2. Tick the 'Terms & Conditions' box; 3. Click on 'Submit'.
- Submit your project board by board and not all the boards together; your Internet connection might not support it;
- If possible, do not submit your project at the last moment to prevent any last minute upload complication; you can already upload your ID documents, as well as copy of the degree and the declaration of author and partnership on the submission page.

temporary listing of the submitted projects will be published on the European website on Monday 31st July 2023. Please check this list for your project. If it does not appear, email us (only) before Tuesday 1st August 2023, at 12:00 (UTC+2):
No disagreement will be considered without a screenshot of the page to check the reception of the project; date and time should appear clearly on this screenshot.

The definitive listing will be published on Monday 4th December 2023. No further change will be allowed after this date.

Please notethere is no confirmation email after upload of the project, but you can check the reception of your project at the bottom of the right column on the Entry page (NB: this option only appears when the submission has begun.)