E12 Cities' Points of view

What do European cities think of the Europan competitions?
What are their points of view on the E12 theme: The Adaptable City?
How can innovation grow out of the implementation processes after the competition?

The debates held during the Forum of Sites in Malmö on January 11 and 12, 2013, tried to answer these three questions in an original way. They are now avalable online here.

These articles are divided into 3 parts:

- the synthesis of a survey to the cities that took part in the previous sessions, interesting points of view on the issues of the competition, from ideas to implementations;
- the E12 theme -The Adaptable City- studied by the cities and experts engaged in sustainable development;
- the implementation processes that evolve and also have to adapt in times of crisis; cities are looking for new logics and send their questions/reflections to the competitors.

Discover here the site representatives' and experts' points of view around the issues of the new session.