E12 Team Portraits

In 2014 Europan Europe published a series of portraits-interviews of the E12 winning teams – winners and runners-up.
The teams answered questions on their motivations, solutions, inspirations and wishes after being awarded the Europan prize.

The 13 juries for the 12th session of EUROPAN have made their choice amongst the 1,762 projects submitted for the competition on 51 sites in 16 different European countries. The juries named 106 prize-winning teams, 43 winning teams, 63 runner-up teams and 64 special mentions. 
The 106 winning teams are based in 19 different countries – 50% of them won in their country of residence; half the teams hence won abroad, confirming the willingness of young professionals to tackle a context outside their experience. The teams that were most motivated to compete abroad come from Spain (15 teams out of the 21 winning teams based in Spain won a prize on a foreign site), France (12 teams out of 25), Italy (10 out of 14) and the Netherlands (5 out of 11).

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