E13 Selb (DE), Follow-up

Follow-Up Process towards a Resilient City in E13 Selb (DE)

After the results publication in December 2015, the Winner team rapidly met with the local representatives and citizens of Selb to start working on their project. The competition project, "Urban Toolkit", was redefined during various workshops organized by the municipality, leading to the realization of a new masterplan for the inner city.

Proposal for the Ludwigstraße


Through the implementation of urban tools, the project was thought to make the city able to face changes aiming at transforming Selb into a more resilient city. It is elaborated into an urban scale project, with various scales of interventions and should develop in different timelines and networked spaces using their particular urban toolkit.

The team is currently developing part of their competition proposal – a new pedestrian street, which should be the starting point of greater changes in the city, since the municipality intends to intervene in other areas. They are implementing a new commercial area in the boundaries of the inner city. This proposal has a large urban scale connecting different areas of Selb from the former industrial zone to the inner city.

The pedestrian street is seen as an open passage designed to link two main roads for pedestrians and connect the public, the parking space, the park and the shopping mall to the commercial area in the city centre.

Urban process
Aerial view of Marienstraße
View of Ludwigstraße from North entrance


View the winner project – Urban Toolkit

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