E13 Workshop in Badajoz (ES)

As a preamble to the Europan 13 Forum of Results in Badajoz (ES) in October 2016, Europan and the Junta de Extremadura proposed the E13 Winning Teams (winners and runners-up) to gather for 4 days to consider and design scenarios on the session topic –"The Adaptable City"– applied to 3 urban contexts in the region. Three urban situations were proposed for the workshop, all three located in 2 nearby towns – Olivenza (with 2 sites) and Valencia de Alcántara. 

The Workshop topic was "Architecture to the Rhythms of City and Nature".
In a region like Extremadura, with almost 75% villages of less than 2,000 inhabitants, the city-nature relation is everywhere. Nothing can be done without considering the presence of the rural environment, which has generated enough activity for the urban poles to develop. Still, along the years, the influence of the countryside has gradually (if not drastically) vanished, impacting on the urban spaces which therefore were deserted. So how to regenerate the urban structure through the revitalisation of urban fragments? How to consider today the limit between city and countryside? And how to take back the urban space through new rhythms and uses?

The scenarios were presented during the Forum of Results in the late afternoon of Thursday Octobre 13th, bringing to light their relations with the winning ideas. You will find the results of this workshop hereafter.

Click here to see the Workshop Results