E14 Project Scales



A new way to qualify the sites based on the scale(s) of the projects expected by the site representatives and answering the participants' expectations for more diversity of site scales.

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For Europan 14 each site is qualified after one or different project scales. This notion of scale is not strictly quantitative, but rather qualitative – on what scale do participants have to answer the site issues? If the project concerns the territorial scale –like a piece of metropolitan territory– the site is ranked XL; if the project concerns the urban-architectural scale –like an urban fragment– the site is ranked L; and if the project concerns the urban architecture scale –like a building and its immediate context– the site is ranked S.

The project scale also refers to project approaches expected by the participants. A survey of the European young professionals brought out the wish that Europan propose sites allowing different project types, as the teams' motivations are diverse as well. This classification allows them to identify more easily the sites they might be interested in based on the requested project scales. For example, a team will rather consider the 'L' sites if they are more interested in the urban dimension.

Still, the sites issues are most often raised on different scales, and this is typical of more complex sites. In this case, the expected answers will consider the interlacing of the different scales. In this way, a site might need an urban project and at the same time the development of a part on the architectural scale – this site will therefore be 'L/S'. And a site requiring to consider the territory, but in relation to a project of building will be ranked 'XL/S'.

So, from 13 Feb. on, enjoy the research!