E14 Sites - Aurillac (FR)

A Town in the Country

Site Location Département du Cantal, City of Aurillac, city centre
Project Scales L/S - Urban and/or architectural
Site Family From Functionalist Infrastructures to Productive City
Post-competition phase urban and/or architectural feasibility studies and/or project development to initiate with partners

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
The exceptional situation of the site opens up new possible relations between the downtown and the site. How to manage mobility in the heart of the city ? Howto  organise local services and to re-qualify a public place along the river bank? How to hang up the typological peculiarities of the medieval center to the production of a contemporary city? How does the built heritage become productive ? These issues also have to consider residential areas that are part of the project site.

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