E14 Sites - Huy (BE)

The Reinforced Axis

Site Location Huy, Sainte Catherine district
Project Scales L/S - urban & architectural
Site Family From Productive Area to Productive City
Post-competition phase Urban study to be carried out of partial realization of the project following the relevance of the proposals

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Since the Middles Ages, the valley has welcomed numerous artisans using the Hoyoux river’s hydraulic power. Metallurgical and paper industries developed in the 19th century along the river which was then lined with a railway line and national highway. With the deindustrialisation, the neighbourhood of brownfields and working-class dwellings has been forgotten. The establishment of the hospital has given it some momentum. The creation of an activity center combining housing, shops, offices and economic activities of production and services on this "site to be redeveloped" must reinforce the economic vitality of this forgotten area.

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