E15 Sites - Charleroi (BE)

The Productive City

Site Location Charleroi, Site of « Western Gate »
Project Scales XL / L - territorial / urban + architecture
Site Family CHANGING METABOLISM - From linear to circular economy
Post-competition phase Urban planning and architectural study prior to the development

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
The City of Charleroi has traditionally built its economy on industry (steel-making, glass-making, mechanical engineering, etc.). It is also at the centre of a vast coal-mining basin (previously known as the “Black Country”). The decline of all these industrial activities gave way to vast sizeable areas of industrial blight that the City of Charleroi and Duferco Wallonie (the owner of the former “Carsid” industrial site) intend to redevelop. This reconversion will involve improvement of the built-up environment, tourism development alternatives and also an economic relaunch based on the establishment of companies and new industries. The “productive city” theme takes on its full meaning here.

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