E15 Sites - Graz (AT)

Hybrid, mixed-use production hub

Site Location Puchstraße, Graz, Styrie, Austria
Project Scales S - architecture + context
Site Family CHANGING METABOLISM - From linear to circular economy
Post-competition phase Follow-up steps towards architectural implementation

See the site page here
See here the map of the different sites

How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Two things are vital in order to understand the importance of the E15 site. First, its position within the city-structure: Graz consists of a beautiful old town surrounded by residential districts with industrial areas on the outskirts. However, there is one part of town wedged across these different zones. Defined as a productive strip, it bears the exceptional potential to bring innovative forms of production right into the middle of Graz. 
The second crucial parameter is the development of a hydropower station – part of the “Smart City” strategy – within close proximity. This project will regenerate the entire area bringing the river back to city level. The E15 site sits enticingly within a unique testbed for new ideas, ready to surface.

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