E15 Sites - Guovdageaidnu (NO)

Make a storyboard for the future

Site Location Guovdageaidnu, Márkan, Finnmark
Project Scales XL/L - territory / urban + architecture
Site Family CHANGING METABOLISM - Multiplying and connecting agencies
Post-competition phase Planning and building commission

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Guovdageaidnu is a small town in Northern Norway with a strong Sámi indigenous identity. It is located along the river Guovdageaineatnu and integrated with reindeer winter pastures. The main industry in Guovdageaidnu is Sámi reindeer husbandry and processing of reindeer meat, antlers, skin and bones that are used in traditional food and handicrafts, duodji. Out of these embedded practices, a new scene is evolving with 1000 individual entrepreneurs on the break to cooperate. Guovdageaidnu is a forerunner in Norwegian education, on all levels from kindergarten to high school, and Diehtosiida hosts science and research institutions including the Sami University of Applied Sciences. How can the community capitalize on traditional know-how and self-reliance combined with advanced education, ICTs and high tech solutions?

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