E15 Sites - Rotterdam Brainpark I (NL)

Transforming the Productive City

Site Location Rotterdam, Brainpark I
Project Scales L - urban + architecture
Site Family CREATING PROXIMITIES - Interfaces and short cycles
Post-competition phase Design (or research-by-design) assignment on implementation on the site (or a site with similar characteristics) commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam and/or private partners

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See here the map of the different sites

How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
Certain districts are not in prime locations, but considering their unique characteristics and exceptional connectivity they do have the potential to become one. A new compelling story and strategic design interventions could push future developments towards a higher level of ambition. In the case of Brainpark I, a new mix of functions based on strategic partnerships on site – for example the Erasmus University in collaboration with research-orientated private firms and small-scale innovative businesses – could be the catalyst to the development of a future-proof, compact, mixed-use work-and-live area.

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