E15 Sites - Tuusula (FI)

Productive village

Site Location Tuusula, Hyrylä
Project Scales S - architecture + context
Site Family IMPLANTER - Productive milieus
Post-competition phase Urban study, masterplan

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How Can the Site Contribute to the Productive City? 
The project site, Anttila farming centre, is situated in a beautiful rural landscape by Tuusula lake, near Hyrylä centre. Anttila has served as a research and education centre for farming but has become mostly vacant. Large barns and research buildings together with housing are available for new use. Some of the old farm buildings are suitable for food production, or they could be converted into something new, even into housing. The goal is to find new ideas and concepts for the area. How could local food production, services and housing coexist in Anttila a new way? How could Anttila become a post-agrarian productive village?

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